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Grit by Angela Duckworth

I usually honor my promises. This is the first book review for “Grit” by Angela Duckworth. I read this book earlier in October 2018. I was initially fascinated by Angela’s TED talk about perseverance and passion.

One would expect yet another personal development book. Well, it is far from being one.

I discovered that what Angela has written is more of a scientific book made easy for those who are not very scientific.

It is a book full of numbers, facts, interviews, surveys, studies, and research aiming to prove her hypothesis right. The author appears to be remarkably humble; at times she does not have enough evidence in order to make a point; she adds a human touch and includes her very personal experience.

She has a storytelling approach that is appealing to the reader. As soon as you finish a chapter you feel eager to keep going in order to discover what is coming up next.

Despite her young age, she was able to gather the wealth of experience of others as well as the gist of her own hard work and love for what she does.

I oftentimes laughed as I was reading. I realized that Angela has a sense of humor that makes reading her book fun while one would be learning a ton of things in less than 300 pages.

Angela did not propose a check list in her book. Instead, she referred to real examples and relevant samples that would inspire one to demonstrate his or her capabilities.

This book is not for everyone. Some people might drop it saying that it is too much to handle. That is true. “Endurance is rare” as Angela mentions in her book. Yet, I would highly recommend it to anyone: at all stages of life. I think that it beautifully speaks to parents, educators, professionals, athletes, and many more. I cannot think of a major profession or role that was not brought up in the book by a living example.

I struggle to see how one can make an impact when he or she publishes a book about psychology. Angela is surely on the way to making history.

I will leave you with insightful links:

1-      A website about the book

2-      The link to Angela’s lab

3-      The link to her TED Talk (click on the hyperlink to access the talk)


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