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Why this name for the blog?

You might be wondering why this site’s name is in French, and what it actually means.

Well, I thought so!

This will be among the few posts that are not about books I have read. Basically, “stylo à bille” is obviously a French phrase – another language I am fluent in. The literal translation into English is “ballpoint pen”. It is a writing instrument. The writing instrument I often use when I write. With all the digital hype around us, I wanted to give myself and any person who is seeking the same, a window with a human feel. I thought that I’d hold a blog about books I read.

I still read paper books. I also take notes with a pen and a notebook. I am a millennial though.

I think it has little to do with age or the generation you are theoretically part of. It is a matter of heart, mind, and soul. It just grows on you. 

Early on, I understood that the way to growth is through reading. It soon became my sweet addition.

I hope you will join my reading journey. The first book review is one related to psychology. It is a book written by a young researcher called Angela Duckworth. I got to know about her through TED.com. I was fascinated by her brilliant mind. I got her book: “Grit”, I read it. I read some chapters multiple times.

It is a book about perseverance and passion in order to achieve one’s projects whatever those are, and in all aspects of life.

I recommend you follow the blog to get notified as soon as I publish the review. This book is for all “growth junkies”. Some might say that it is for parents. I disagree. You do not have to be a parent to be parenting people you care for. It is also for every individual seeking to transition from good to great, or from great to mastery.

 “Stop reading so much and go think” – Angela Duckworth, Grit.

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