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The one thing by Gary Keller

I did not know this book existed until I learned about it in one of those reading lists on social media. I read many reviews about it and looked the author up. I then decided to read it. This is a book I definitely recommend.

Primary reason was not the reviews. In fact, I was intrigued by the philosophy behind the book as a proper woman multitasker – or at least I thought so before reading this book.

This book shuts all multitasking and Venus brain theories down.

It is about how we can achieve more by doing less in a worldfull of distractions and what the author calls “daily barrage” of emails,texts, tweets, meetings, and “other things”.

This book is not for women only. Still I felt having read it that it is a great read for women in particular often juggling simultaneous demands of work and family. Most people I know agree: this costs a lot; a second-rate work, missed deadlines, fewer promotions… and a lot of stress.

This book offers in a very subtle, simple, and funny way eight pieces of advice derived from research, interviews, and science

  1. How to cut through the clutter
  2. How to achieve better results in less time
  3. How to build momentum towards your goal
  4. How to dial down stress
  5. How to overcome that overwhelmed feeling
  6. How to revive your energy
  7. How to stay on track
  8. And how to master what matters

As long as… you know what your personal One Thing is.

The book starts with a Russian proverb that I found amusing “if you chase two rabbits you will not catch either one”.

It then dives into three primary areas. The first one is the lies we have been told and we continue telling ourselves. Yet those derailus and mislead us. The author talks for instance about how we often believe that everything matters equally.

Then Keller and his co-author Jay Papasan tells us thetruth. One revolving around a simple (and single) path to productivity. They speak about the importance of focus and success as a habit.

Authors then detail how one can achieve extraordinaryresults as “the one thing” is put to work. They tell us stories, share examples, and inject research findings detailing how one can live a life of purpose, and how it is important (and proven successful) to live by priority.

Out of my personal experience, there is one thing this booktells us as well quite implicitly. However I find it enlightening and it very much applies to my way of thinking and how I strive to apply it at work and in my personal life. As much as it is important to know what your one thing is, “focus is a matter of deciding what things you are not going to do” –  John Carmack.Learn more by checking

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