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Announcement: enhanced reviews

I am very happy to announce that I will be adding, going forward, a star rating to every book review. I thought that this will ease readers’ selection for book you would like to read. It is visual, consistent, and easy to understand.

4 stars

The book is highly recommended. Iencourage you to read it immediately and ensure you get your own copy. I alsobelieve you should recommend it to others in your entourage.

3 stars

The book is recommended. I encourage youto read it at some point this year. There are parts that may be lessinteresting than others. Alternatively, there is an element I disliked e.g.writing style, ending, or else.

2 stars and below

The book is not necessarily recommended unless you have a better source for reviews. I believe there are more than oneelement that made it less interesting than others. If you insist, share why you would recommend it!

I cannot wait to share with you my upcoming reviews. Please make sure to subscribe to my blog even if you are noton WordPress. It is simple: you just use your email address to do so.

Coming next reviews on Built to Last, Predictably Irrational, The Trusted Advisor, The Origins of Political Order,Sapiens, Daring Greatly, Give & Take, and many more!

I am thrilled by readers’ feedback too. Keep them coming!


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