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Femme au miroir by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

This post is written by my friend Ken Mckellar who is a frequent contributor to my blog. For new subscribers, my first language is not English. It is French hence the name of my blog. It is a reminder to myself about how writing and reading helped me sharpen my English without forgetting my French.  Thank you Ken for reviewing a French book for the first time on this blog knowing that French is not your first language. Kudos!

Book Review

The secret diaries of Miss Anne Lister

For those who are new to my blog, my friend Ken Mckellar is a regular contributor whose generosity is quite disarming. He was keen to share with me another review for a book he has read. I happen to have watched the related movie. It was a British movie released in 2010.  The story also inspired a series starring Suranne Jones: The Gentleman Jack. Enjoy the review and if you are a fan of this genre (Non Fiction. Biography. LGBT. History), you can purchase the book here.

Book Review

So good they cannot ignore you by Cal Newport

A while ago I started a blogpost with a question: “what would you do if you were not afraid”? I cannot remember the number of times I asked myself this question. Yet, in the past few months, I have asked myself a different question: “do you do things out of fear or out of love”? Over time, I also learned to ground myself through another important question: “would you rather be happy or right”? I have recently read a book called “so good they can’t ignore you” by Cal Newport.

Book Review

Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood

Goodbye from Berlin teaches an important lesson for our times. Totalitarian regimes never burst on to the scene: they creep up stealthily, step-by-step, on a vulnerable population hungry for change. And before the population knows it, the dictator is in control. By the time Isherwood published his novel, seven years later, Europe was at war.

Book Review

World order by Henry Kissinger

Some qualify this book as a meditation on the roots of international order and disorder. Kissinger, the author, is one of notable diplomats of the modern era. He was the security adviser for a number of presidents and he spent his life studying foreign policy events.
In this book, Kissinger reveals the challenge of the twenty-first century: how to bring order into a world where perspectives are contradictory.

Book Review

Why we sleep by Matthew Walker

My friend Ken has been saving me from my complacency. I am not sure how neuroscience explains when we are behind, when we miss deadlines we put for ourselves, when we prioritize items at the expense of others, etc.  I personally think that sleep deprivation impairs my productivity and most importantly my creativity. In an earlier post, I shared my thoughts about the fan #1 of sleep: Ariana Huffington. I was back then reviewing her book that focuses quite a lot on the importance of sleep in our life.

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My top six reading Apps

For those who do not know me, I have a peculiar relation with technology. This time, I decided to review reading Apps. For so many years, I have struggled reading using an Ipad, a Kindle, or any other technology. To be honest, I still do not. However I recently discovered a few interesting Apps that… Continue reading My top six reading Apps

Book Review

A woman in Arabia: the writings of the queen of the desert By Gertrude Bell

I have been away for a few weeks. They were tough two weeks. I discovered that when I am not well I find no joy in writing. I thank God I have a friend like Ken. He contributed once again to my blog. He reviewed a book we both read and enjoyed. It is fitting… Continue reading A woman in Arabia: the writings of the queen of the desert By Gertrude Bell

Book Review

The no.1 ladies’ detective agency by Alexander McCall Smith

To be completely honest, I have had a tough week at work. It was long, demanding, included travelling, and more. I did not have a chance to write a personal blog post. But, as usual, my dear and now standing contributor Ken saved me. It is not like something bad would happen if I do not blog once a week. However this is a level of consistency I am committed to. Also when you are so overwhelmed with the readers' reactions, comments, shares, and likes - you feel that you have no choice but honor every reader's expectations. Ken reviewed a book I have not read. His review will surely make me read it. I hope it does that to you too. Enjoy.

Book Review

Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer

I started to follow Joyce Meyer back in 2005. Since then I have read two of her books (Battlefield of the Mind and Making Good Habits). I also got addicted to her audio-book series around offense. I personally like Joyce Meyer for a very simple reason: she realized that the Bible is the best leadership book. She also activated this realization in her ministries, books, and other platforms. My friend Ken likes her as much as I do. He reviewed her flagship book, Battlefield of the Mind. I thank him for this; hoping Ken and I are able to inspire you in leading a life of love, respective, mindfulness, integrity, forgiveness, kindness, and joy.