Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer

Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer

Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer

by ken-mckellar , February 14, 2019

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I started to follow Joyce Meyer back in 2005. Since then I have read two of her books (Battlefield of the Mind and Making Good Habits). I also got addicted to her audio-book series around offense. I personally like Joyce Meyer for a very simple reason: she realized that the Bible is the best leadership book. She also activated this realization in her ministries, books, and other platforms. My friend Ken likes her as much as I do. He reviewed her flagship book, Battlefield of the Mind. I thank him for this; hoping Ken and I are able to inspire you in leading a life of love, respect, mindfulness, integrity, forgiveness, kindness, and joy.

There are many routes to mental well-being; mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy are just two examples. Joyce Meyer, an American preacher and author offers an important, different path, strongly anchored in the Bible and the relevance of its wisdom in addressing the everyday problems we all face today.

But Meyer is not an evangelist or bible-basher, otherwise I would never have even considered this superb book or concluded in the end that it was genuinely life-changing. No: Joyce is a plain-talking, pragmatic Texan woman of a certain age who suffered horrific abuse from her father as a young girl. Since then, she has used her Christian faith unselfishly for the past 40 years (you can download many of her resources for free) to build a successful business and distinctive approach, applying the Word of God practically to a wide range of problems in modern society.

Her central thesis is quite simple: that our thoughts drive our emotions, which in turn drive our actions. There is nothing new here. What is different though is her argument that a perpetual battle is being waged in our minds between good and evil. The Devil has built “strongholds in our minds” over many years, centered around fear, guilt, anger and other sins. These strongholds make us miserable by poisoning our thoughts with negativity, playing hell (literally) with our emotions and leading us to take decisions that make us unhappy, poor and fearful.

The good news, according to Joyce, is that there are many “spiritual weapons” which can be deployed against the strongholds that The Devil has built in our mind. Chief among these is developing a real understanding of the Word of God in the Bible and a close, trusting relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Don’t be fooled though. Battlefield of the Mind is not just for committed Christians and Joyce is not “preaching to the converted” if you pardon the pun. There is plenty of practical advice on dealing with all kinds of thoughts, emotions, actions and situations that may arise in our daily lives.

People ask me how I ensure that I will not slip back into the mental illness which made my life a misery when I lived in the Gulf four years ago. Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind (and her other publications which follow the same theme) are my insurance. Thanks in large measure to her, my life is calmer, more grounded, purposeful and lived to the full. I can not recommend Battlefield of the Mind strongly enough as a way towards inner peace.

Who should read this book: Those looking for inner peace

Why you should read this book: To realize the power of love. The power of the heart and mind

Book genre: Self improvement, spirituality

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