Brain rules by John Medina

Brain rules by John Medina

Brain rules by John Medina

by styleabille , May 3, 2019

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I have lately read a neuroscience book that I am increasingly enjoying. Brain Rules is a book written by John Medina that speaks in a scientific way about the principles for surviving and thriving at work, home, and school. The principles are based on research and case studies at the intersect of neuroscience, psychology, and biology.

What I liked

The chapter about stress (principle #3) is my favorite. Maybe because I related to it as I was reading the book. The reason might be as well how real the chapter is and the approach that the author has taken to explain the body’s defense system and how we are wired to deal with short term and long term responses. I am quite convinced as well that the worst kind of individual stress is the feeling that we have no control over a problem. We would actually be helpless. The author also demonstrates the impact of stress on creativity and productivity.

What I liked less

All other 11 chapters were not consistently interesting. At time, I found the book to be boring, long, and repetitive. The reason may be external having read now many similar book. I found many of the theories very popular already and I wondered why another book?

  1. Exercise improves cognition
  2. Every brain is wired differently
  3. We are designed never to stop learning
  4. Memories are susceptible to corruption
  5. Sleep is linked to one’s ability to learn
  6. Vision trumps all other senses
  7. And more

The author’s value add lies in the why of all these theories made simple and accessible. I also discovered that this book comes with a film which is probably targeting those who learn better through multimedia. This is not a book I regret having read. However it is not a book that I necessarily recommend. Perhaps I recommend having it and reading the principles that one relates in a particular situation.

For the curious, the 12 principles the author details are around

  • Survival and how the human brained evolved
  • Exercise and how it boosts brain power
  • Sleep and how it helps think well
  • Stress and how stressed brains do not learn properly
  • Wiring and how our brains are wired differently
  • Attention and how we do not pay attention to boring things
  • Memory and how it functions by repetition
  • Sensory integration and how one can stimulate more of the senses
  • Music and how it helps boost cognition
  • Gender and the differences in the brain
  • Exploration and how people are natural explorers
  • Vision as the king of senses


Having read a number of similar books I surely recommend more these that I have already reviewed.

Why we sleep



Who should read this book: Those interested in the brain

Why you should read this book: To understand the why of our behaviors and how to improve those

Book genre: Non-fiction, self-improvement, neuroscience

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