Daily rituals by Mason Currey

Daily rituals by Mason Currey

Daily rituals by Mason Currey

by styleabille , June 3, 2019

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A few days back a friend of mine recommended that I read “daily rituals” by Mason Currey.

He surely thought that I would enjoy it considering I am a growth junkie always looking for betterment.

What the book is about

This book talks about how great minds make time, find inspiration, and get to work. In short texts, the author describes the daily rituals of more than 150 of the most famous writers, musicians, painters, and more.

I learned very early on that to achieve great things, one way is to find someone who inspires you and to emulate how she did it. With my critical thinking, I chose to go after a number of people and a combination of what they did to succeed.

The purpose of the blogpost is not to define success rather to understand – similarly to the objective of the book – how a novel is written, how a masterpiece is painted, and how a symphony is composed.

What I liked

This book is very inspiring. It demonstrates how our repeated and consistent actions can transform who we are. We all have someone around us who has been doing the same thing everyday for more than 10 years: playing tennis, writing, sewing, etc. Take a moment to think of how they evolved and how they mastered their craft.

This is a book one would enjoy reading for two primary reasons. The first one is how concise every story is not exceeding two pages. The second one is the amount of learning this book offers.

This is the kind of books you can go back to every once in a while in order to get inspired, keep going, and confirming your own daily rituals.

The author is incredibly generous in filling the reader with fascinating insights on the mechanics of genius and entertaining stories of the personalities behind it.

What I did not like

There is not much I did not like about this book other than two minor things. I would have personally preferred to have less number of stories but more detailed ones. On the other hand, there are a few stories that seemed too shallow in comparison to others. Still, I wonder whether the purpose of the author was indeed to convey a message: if you do not have daily rituals, you might still be a genius.

This is a book I recommend especially if you are like me. You always wanted to change the world. Then you came to realize that you can only change your world.

My daily rituals for years now have been reading, meditating, and practicing yoga. What are yours?

If you liked this review, you can purchase the book here and I recommend you also read another blogpost I will soon share on Robin Sharma’s 5 a.m. club!

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    1. I would love to see Joanna review a book about the arts where she is also very accomplished – say art, music or poetry. Can we expect something soon along these lines soon? I am sure that, like me, other readers would be interested!

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