Did you like it?

Did you like it?

Did you like it?

by styleabille , September 30, 2019

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Dear bookworms

You must have noticed the changes to the look and feel of my website. I hope you like it as much as I do. If you have feedback or subscription, drop them in the comment section.
As you know, I now write, from time to time, stories from the workplace. This is not only therapeutic for me; it also come with a pressing need to share what I learnt hoping someone somewhere would benefit.
Please subscribe to my blog and share posts on your social media accounts.
If you feel like contributing, please let me know by e-mail. I am grateful and thrilled with the posts of my friend Ken Mckellar who has become a regular contributor. His name is put as author from blogs he owns.
Eventually, life is getting busier (for all good reasons!). My posting frequency will decrease to a maximum of 2 posts per month. It has been one year I am working on my blog like a piece of art. Today, with this note, I have marked my 52nd post.
Keep your likes and comments coming; it inspires me.
PS: At the moment, I am reading Why Nations Fail. Review coming soon!
  • The boys in the boat by Daniel James Brown

    Our contributor Ken McKellar reviews a book about his personal hobby. Tell us about yours!

  • How women rise by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith

    This book is an invitation to women who are oftentimes overly fearful of being seen as “too much” or “not enough”. The authors urge women from all walks of life not to back off prematurely and not to worry if they step over the line.

  • Woman code by Alisa Vitti

    Women tend to tell themselves stories about their emotions and their bodies. Reading this book helps any women rewrite her story to her own advantage.

  • Never give up by Joyce Meyer

    In her book Never Give Up, Joyce Meyer quotes this speech as an example of a winning state of mind. Her book is about how to create it.

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    1. Hi Joanna, I usually read your posts from my phone so I did not notice much difference, but I just checked it from my laptop and it looks really beautiful. I genuinely enjoy reading your stories the most. Waiting for #5!

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