Digital minimalism by Cal Newport

Digital minimalism by Cal Newport

Digital minimalism by Cal Newport

by styleabille , August 5, 2019

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A while ago I reviewed a book by Cal Newport. I then learned about another book he has written: Digital Minimalism. You may check Newport’s blog for more information about him and his book.

A year ago, I shut down my social media accounts. I also removed all unnecessary Apps and notifications from my IPhone. That was not new to me as in many instances earlier, I had done a series of digital detox.

When I got more familiar with Newport’s theory, I was delighted that there is actually a movement towards digital minimalism.

Minimalism is the art of knowing how much is just enough.

This book is quite technical yet very accessible. The author shares studies, experiences, and observations about four primary elements of digital minimalism

How to recognize a digital minimalist

How to become one

Why become one

When to become one

I felt very proud as I was reading the book as I identified myself as a digital minimalist. Cal writes so well and one can sense a lot of humor in his writing even when it is backed up by research and science. I discovered that I am a fan of him and I will surely read his other books.

This is a book that convinces you – rationally and emotionally. It also guides you as you read it to act immediately from a chapter to another.

A philosophy of technology use in which you focus your online time on a small number of carefully selected and optimized activities that strongly support things you value, and then happily miss out on everything else.

Newport spends time persuading his readers how technology companies make money out of our time. He also speaks about how we spend our time drives our life: in society, at home, and at work. It surely also drives our health.

The author pulls out the essentials of digital minimalism in our day to day lives as such

Our choices and our intentions vis-à-vis technology

Our ability to optimize the tools we use

Our need to accept that we cannot be everywhere all the time

I highly recommend reading this book. It is no coincidence how relevant this book is to our life.

One thing is certain: when you choose digital minimalism, you are calmer and happier. You are able to get lost in crafts, arts, sports, and literature.

Stop documenting your experiences. Live them.

Do not overwhelm yourself with news. You will know them in all cases. You will not miss much out.

Life is not happening on your screen.

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