Gabrielle Bernstein aka Gabby

Gabrielle Bernstein aka Gabby

Gabrielle Bernstein aka Gabby

by styleabille , May 12, 2019

Book Reviews

I was introduced a few weeks back to Gabrielle Bernstein by a friend of mine. I did not know about Gabby as she likes to be called. In one week, I read two books that I decided to review in one blog post: judgement detox and the universe has your back.

Many people in my entourage will probably read this post with a lot of cynicism ; some will probably not even read beyond the next paragraph.

Gabby is a spirit junkie; she is a writer, a speaker, a life coach, and a healer. Gabby is far from the traditional image of gurus who typically are senior men. She is a pretty young woman with a lot to share.

Who should read this book: Those looking for answers in life

Why you should read this book: To learn how to ride the swell of energy to find strength, support, and synchronicity

Book genre: Non-fiction, psychology, self-improvement

Judgement Detox

I am reviewing the books in the order I have read them even though if I were to recommend something; it would be to read the latter first. Judgement Detox is in fact the detailed version of one chapter of the second book I will be reviewing. Judgement Detox is a mental health toolkit. It is not just a book about self-help. It consists of six steps that invite us to act, speak, and think with one idea in the back of our mind: love.

Judgement comes in many forms: we are judged, we judge others, and above all, we judge ourselves.

This book is an invitation to eradicate resentment as this will open the door for a strong energy introducing us to further freedom and peace.

Gabby speaks about her relation to judgement and how it changed her life in profound ways.

I am not saying that this book is flawless and it is the best book I have read in its genre. However, at this period in my life, I think that falling on these two books and the story of Gabby is not innocent. The joy I found in reading these two books is helping me manage a challenging period in my adulthood.

The Universe Has Your Back

This book is Gabby’s masterpiece. Twelve chapters walking the readers through the hidden powers we have within. It awakens strengths that we do not know exist in our mind, our soul, and our body.

Gabby is the author who coined the expression “vibes speak louder than words”. In her book, she helps us look at obstacles as detours in the right direction. She calls us to have fun and to be attentive to signs.

The author strongly believes that we should not ask God (or equivalent if we have any) for specific things we wish to achieve. God might have better plans for us. As such, it is good to plan but not the extent of hindering our next best thing. She invites us to surrender gracefully. In her experience, when we truly surrender, we act like instruments for love.

What I liked most about this book is that it describes a situation and tells us exactly what better looks like.

Trust that prayer, reading, and meditation do not change facts. Nevertheless, they change our ability to look at those facts. It opens our mind and most importantly it opens our heart.

If you do not like to read or if you do not fancy this genre, I highly recommend that you watch Gabby’s videos and navigate her website:

Enjoy the journey.

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    1. Love the honesty about this post: book reviews shouldn’t be all about sycophancy. Well done!

        1. That’s a lesson for us all Joanna. As I say to my daughters: it’s much easier on the mind and for the soul to stay honest, as honesty comes more naturally. Dishonesty on the other hand is like a shadow that gets bigger the more dishonest you are, until it comes back to haunt you!

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