Read, read, read

Read, read, read

Read, read, read

by styleabille , October 25, 2018

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Thanks for joining me on my reading journey. If you thought the title is mine, well it is not. It is a quote by William Faulkner, an American writer and a Nobel prize laureate.

I have been reading, passionately for more than 25 years now. I have also read more than 2,000 books.

I guess it explains this endeavor.

Reading has given me a lot of beautiful emotions. I will be talking a little more about this in the upcoming posts. I will also share plenty of my book reviews. Stay tuned!

You will also, soon enough, find an array of links and recommendations for books to read.

I will make it short for now. I usually don’t!

It would be good to introduce myself too! How I missed that! My name is Joanna. I am Lebanese and I live in Dubai. I am tri-lingual as most Lebanese people are (French, Arabic, and English). I am fairly fluent in Spanish as well. I practice yoga as much as I can. I have been working in all things HR: operations, consulting, and project management.

There are a few other things that you will discover as you read my posts.

Between writing posts, I read. Books have always kept me company. Have you ever come across a women with more books than clothes, shoes, and bags? That’s me! Stay around.

Insight: Did you know that Warren Buffett reads five to six hours per day?

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • The battle for God by Karen Armstrong

    There is so much ignorance in the world about other people’s religions and why religious fundamentalists of all faiths believe and act in the way that they do. It is this ignorance which has cost so many lives and will continue to tear the world apart.

  • Thus spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche

    Dear readers - This is a post written by a new contributor: Nour Shurbaji. Nour decided to review a book called "Thus Spoke Zarathustra".

  • What I am looking forward to in 2020

    2019 has been the kind of year that reminds you towards its end that what truly does not kill you makes you stronger. It has kept me out of breath!

  • Office politics – unpleasant but unavoidable | Story #8

    One day you will feel lightness and enlightenment, selfishness and selflessness – for what matters most is you.

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