So good they cannot ignore you by Cal Newport

So good they cannot ignore you by Cal Newport

So good they cannot ignore you by Cal Newport

by styleabille , May 8, 2019

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A while ago I started a blogpost with a question: “what would you do if you were not afraid”?

I cannot remember the number of times I asked myself this question. Yet, in the past few months, I have asked myself a different question: “do you do things out of fear or out of love”?

Over time, I also learned to ground myself through another important question: “would you rather be happy or right”?

I have recently read a book called “so good they can’t ignore you” by Cal Newport.

What is the book about

In his book, Newport debunks a long-held belief that one should follow his/her passion. The author describes how passions are rare and do not mean that people will love and excel at what they are doing. He also strongly believes that following your passion has negative impacts on your life such as anxiety and chronic job-hopping.

Briefly, this is a case against passion.

Those who match their job with a preexisting passion do not necessarily succeed. Most successful people found their passion after hard work. It is not the opposite. As such, what you do for a living is not as important as how you do it.

The author believes that you can create a life you like and a work you love.

Why I liked the book

I am not a big fan of theories around happiness and passion. I do not think that there is a recipe and a one-size fits all when it comes to success. I also do not recommend looking at life from this perspective for three main reasons

  • We do not know what is cooking in the background
  • Our brains are humans are wired differently
  • Oftentimes, we only know one side of the story either through biased perceptions or through the lens that the other wants us to see

This book confirms my theory that says that if you are very good at something, you will end up loving it.

Do you want to know where the book title is coming from? Check this one-minute video!

Who should read this book: Those fretting about what to do with their life, or frustrated by their current job situation

Why you should read this book: To find a fresh new way to take control of your livelihood

Book genre: Non-fiction, psychology, self-improvement

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    1. Another good review – examines the issues as well as reviewing the book itself

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