Start with why by Simon Sinek

Start with why by Simon Sinek

Start with why by Simon Sinek

by styleabille , March 30, 2019

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To be very frank, Simon Sinek is neither my favorite speaker nor my favorite writer. However, I surely cannot ignore that Sinek is reforming the workplace. I also cannot but praise the impact he continues to make through his talks, his podcasts, and his books.

He actually works towards the realization of a thought I always had: I want to be the leader I (will) never had (have).

I watched a number of videos for Sinek. However I only recently read his book “start with why”. I am not a fan of Sinek because I always wonder how can someone spend his time preaching idealistic thoughts. Isn’t change through tangible and massive actions?

Over the years, I learned that the answer is no. It is disappointing for a tenacious hard worker like myself. At the same time, it is a lesson learned. Speaking about something and publicizing it is as important as the legwork. Change does happen with both actions and communications.

Speaking about Sinek’s book, I admit that this book is somehow relevant. I myself related to a few parts in this book. Nevertheless, it made me feel a little bored at times. I thought that ideas are constantly repeated. I was also surprised by the fact that ideas are not necessarily novel.

This book is almost like a transcript for Sinek’s TedTalk in 2009 (third most watched TedTalk to date). Since then, Sinek has created a movement. He aims to transform the way we work.

Throughout the book, the author questions why some organizations are more successful than others. He touches upon innovation, impact, and profitability. He also speaks about the loyalty of customers.

He goes back in his theory to the importance of “starting with why” that triggered the success of figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and others. In a nutshell, if we emulate how those leaders (and others) started with why, we will also lead a successful life. Sinek pushes his idea towards the creation of a framework (the golden circle) around which organizations can be built that starts with why and lead to sustainable and repeatable success.

I personally do not recommend the book. I think that the related Talk is more enjoyable. Perhaps the reason is that I am not convinced that the recipe to success starts with why. This does not deny that I always start with why. However saying that starting with why leads to success… is not quite persuasive for me. The equation is not that simple.

I hope this post will not create a lot of hatred. For the records, Sinek has more than 2 million followers on LinkedIn only…

Who should read this book: Those who are looking for some inspiration in the workplace namely if you are starting your career

Why you should read this book: To understand how a number of people and organizations succeeded

Book genre: Non-fiction, psychology

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