Book Review

Digital minimalism by Cal Newport

A year ago, I shut down my social media accounts. I also removed all unnecessary Apps and notifications from my IPhone. That was not new to me as in many instances earlier, I had done a series of digital detox. When I got more familiar with Newport’s theory, I was delighted that there was actually a movement towards digital minimalism: the art of knowing how much technology is just enough!

Book Review

The English patient by Michael Ondaatje

Dear readers – This is a post by my friend and frequent contributor Ken. Ken decided to review a book called The English Patient. I learned about this book and the related movie at a young age. They are both my mother’s favorites. It is quite a disarming story. The reason may be that I have lived in a warzone and in a war period; I may be able to relate to what wars destroy: Love and Lives.

Book Review

The letters of Abelard and Heloise

Thank you Ken for yet another generous contribution into my blog. I have had the luxury of watching The Letters of Abelard and Heloise on stage... I thought it was harsh to see how love hurts. I am not sure how it would feel when one reads it.  As I promised you, I will promise subscribers with more "artistic" reviews. I will next review Tristan and Isolde (Iseult for the francophone) - the influential love story factoring in thoughts around Wagner related Prelude.  Stay tuned!

Book Review

The 5 a.m. club by Robin Sharma

As you read this book, you are caught by the story. This is not a typical self-help book. It is actually a story told in a very smooth style. The messages that the author tries to convey are subtle and they come to the reader close to self-realization. I loved the characters in the book as well as the flow of events that are quite thrilling. 

Book Review

Femme au miroir by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

This post is written by my friend Ken Mckellar who is a frequent contributor to my blog. For new subscribers, my first language is not English. It is French hence the name of my blog. It is a reminder to myself about how writing and reading helped me sharpen my English without forgetting my French.  Thank you Ken for reviewing a French book for the first time on this blog knowing that French is not your first language. Kudos!

Book Review

Why we sleep by Matthew Walker

My friend Ken has been saving me from my complacency. I am not sure how neuroscience explains when we are behind, when we miss deadlines we put for ourselves, when we prioritize items at the expense of others, etc.  I personally think that sleep deprivation impairs my productivity and most importantly my creativity. In an earlier post, I shared my thoughts about the fan #1 of sleep: Ariana Huffington. I was back then reviewing her book that focuses quite a lot on the importance of sleep in our life.

Misc. Posts

My top six reading Apps

For those who do not know me, I have a peculiar relation with technology. This time, I decided to review reading Apps. For so many years, I have struggled reading using an Ipad, a Kindle, or any other technology. To be honest, I still do not. However I recently discovered a few interesting Apps that added great value to my reading journey.