Woman code by Alisa Vitti

Woman code by Alisa Vitti

Woman code by Alisa Vitti

by styleabille , March 8, 2020

Book Reviews

With the beginning of the month of March 2020[1], we thought that reviewing books that are related to women is quite timely. This month, we celebrate women all over the world.

We chose to review The Woman Code that was recommended by a follower of our blog.

This book is written by the notorious holistic health coach Alisa Vitti. In her book, she demonstrates to women, with science and wisdom, how to remain vital. Her approach is focused on food and its power to balance hormones. Vitti poured her personal experience in the book and she combined it with plenty of research and case studies. She promotes a major change in the lifestyle of women and a new approach to eating; her goal being to empower women.

The book tackles common struggles women go through every day all over the globe: lack of sex drive, depression, irregular periods, and more!

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

While she is not fiercely against drugs, the author provides groundbreaking information to live healthily. She developed a five-step protocol to transform this book into an actionable toolkit for women to live by.

The data shared is quite shocking especially data related to women dealing with hormonal health issues. The author explains the six various systems of the body that help manage hormones. She also focuses on the menstrual cycle and how its four stages impact our brains and bodies.

It is no secret that medical research is still lacking with regards to women’s health. This book is a valuable investment for women of all walks of life. Women tend to tell themselves stories about their emotions and their bodies. Reading this book helps any women rewrite her story to her own advantage.

We have tried some of the tricks found in the book and it is incredible to notice the sustained levels of energy and mood. We even downloaded the Flo App that was mentioned in the book. An App that helps you go through the month while navigating your menstrual cycle

  • Staying in or going out
  • Eating raw or cooked food
  • Doing high intensity training or practicing yoga
  • Brainstorming or delivering a presentation
  • Having sex or not

Coming up next: How Women Rise by Marshall Goldsmith and Sally Helgesen.

In the meantime, check this link for more than 18 great books, podcasts, and movies – all for women – to read, stream, and watch!

[1] March 8 is international women’s day in the world.

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