Zero to one by Peter Thiel

Zero to one by Peter Thiel

Zero to one by Peter Thiel

by styleabille , May 24, 2019

Book Reviews

Dear readers – I am thrilled to announce major changes on my blog. Get ready for a new look, feel, and structure by the end of the month of June 2019.

This has been keeping me busy from reviewing books. Yet this was not a reason to take me away from reading.

I am coming back to you with a fantastic book that I was introduced to about a year ago. Some global organizations have identified a new sector. Similarly to healthcare, education, financial services, and more. Entrepreneurship seems to have become a sector on its own. We live at times there is an incredible hype for start-ups.

Some have grown into full-fledged institutions while others decided to remain start-ups despite their scale.

Many know Peter Thiel as a famous American entrepreneur who co-founded a number of companies including PayPal. Thiel is also the author of one of my favorite business books: Zero to One.

Thiel has advanced a controversial theory; he said that we live in an age of technological stagnation. When I first read this sentence, I was chocked. He believes that technological breakthroughs will decrease and that not all innovation has to involve technology. As such, Thiel discovered – over time – that the most important competence is to learn to think.

Learn to think.

The future will unfold companies that do not compete with existing powerful technologies. Technology as a competence will help with incremental innovation whereas learning to think will generate new and unique business ideas.

My favorite part of the book consists of the questions that we need to ask in order to identify value in places we least expect.

Few of the questions:

  • What important truth very few people agree with you on?
  • What does this have to do with the future?
  • What does everybody agree on?
  • Is this the right time to start-up your business?
  • Are you starting with a big share of a small market?
  • Have you identified a unique opportunity that others do not see?

Thiel provides tactics to succeed in your company. Tactics that are practical and that proved to be successful. Those revolve around flexibility, competition, incremental advancement, and more.

I very much enjoyed reading this book. I also fell on a related YouTube video for those who wish to learn the gist of the book in five minutes.

This is a book I enjoyed reading and I will surely go over again.

I leave you with these fun facts

  • Thiel co-founded PayPal with a number of people including Elon Musk
  • Thiel was the first outside investor of Facebook
  • He funded a research on anti-aging with USD 3.5 Millions
  • He is Donald Trump’s friend (not so much fun for some!)
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    1. Dear Joanna,

      Congratulations on the changes to your blog. We are eagerly waiting to see the blog in its new shape. We trust that you will move it from great to perfect.
      Regarding this article, it’s awesome as usual. Both writing style and content are impeccable. With the exception of 2 typos in the beginning, this article is a masterpiece in book reviews.

    2. It would be great if you can feature this article as well on the homepage for new visitors to see it.

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